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Whether it's with a small team working out of a garage or with a large team raising their Series C, you'll have the opportunity to work with world-changing ideas


Here's your chance to work with top YouTubers, writers, artists, and other creators to give you a head start on creating your own brand


Make a positive impact while contributing to a cause you care about


Develop a new cryptocurrency, find a cure for Alzheimer's, conduct a panda population study, and more. This is your opportunity to change the world

You're an anomaly. Your first job should be, too

Just because you're new to the workforce doesn't mean you should be completing inconsequential projects. You should be working with world-changing ideas at a job suited to your interests and goals

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Smart people should build things

You're not like other recent graduates. You're not here to learn about the future - you're here to create it

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Apply to become a Tenderfoot dev. We'll ask you a bunch of questions to determine if it's a good fit

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Tell us what you're looking for

Is it a front-end role at a huge venture-backed startup? Is it a full-stack role for a famous YouTuber? Let us know what you’re interested in

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We'll hop on a video call and get to know each other a bit better

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Congrats! You'll be notified when an opportunity comes along that matches what you're looking for

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You’ll hop on a call with the folks you’ll be working with to determine if it’s a good fit

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You’re hired! It’s time to start changing the world

Why Tenderfoot is different

Just be yourself

You’re unique, and so is our job matching process. We’ll help you find software dev opportunities that match who you are and what you’re good at

Resumes suck

Look, someone had to say it. Resumes aren’t the best way to represent yourself and your experience, so we're changing the game. We don’t match based on your GPA or what classes you took - just tell us why you’re an awesome human being

Jobs that fit

You’re free to create on your own terms: choose what matters to you and we’ll present you with job opportunities that match your values

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