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Meet some of our devs

Keith L.

“The game is more fun when you make your own rules”

Caroline Y.

“Normalize not feeling bad for outgrowing and leaving people who chose to stay in their comfort zone.”

Malik J.

“I try to write code and sometimes it works”

Naomi P.

“Do more sh*t that scares you”

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Hi, it’s great to meet you! We’ll ask you some questions to determine if we’re a good fit

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Is it a front-end dev to build out your website? Is it a back-end dev to work with your databases? Let us know what you’re searching for

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Sit back and relax. We’ll ask you a bunch of questions to make sure we find you a great cultural fit

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Based on your answers, we’ll give you a curated shortlist of recent graduates best suited for what you’re looking for. These are the cream of the crop - the devs who are a fit not only in talent, but also in passion and values

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Reach out

See someone you like? Send them a quick email to show interest

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Nice to meet you

Hop on a call with the dev you’ll be working with to confirm it’s a good fit

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It's a match!

You only pay if you make the hire. And if the new match doesn't work out within 90 days, you'll get a full refund

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Why Tenderfoot is different

Just be yourself

You’re unique, and so is our job matching process. We’ll help you find recent graduates who match who you are and what you believe in

Resumes suck

Look, someone had to say it. Resumes aren’t the best way for recent grads to represent themselves and their experience, so we’re changing the game. We don’t match based on GPA or what classes were taken - we care about restlessness, drive, passion, and skill

Talent that fits

You have the power of selection on your own terms: choose what matters to you and we’ll present you with a curated shortlist of top devs who match your values

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